You Don't stop Them !!!

I travelled to Bishop Lydeard yesterday for the Welton Rovers game, it was a long journey but was it worth it well they got the result, being honest 95% of the team are gelling quite nicely and the management are doing a great job getting the team to play together and it does show so keep up the good work!

As you know there is always a but with me, I feel that there are 3 players that are not quite team players yet and seem to do a lot of their own thing. I never mention names on here and I am not going to start now, I can't see the point in a player doing some great work and then losing the ball at the last minute when other options are available. There are times that players need to be greedy but if there is a better option just get your head up and look around you. There are a couple of players that are more worried about telling others what to do, they need to focus on their own game and have faith in themselves and not panic by pulling players back to support them when there isn't an opponent within 20-30yds. I also felt that too many set plays were wasted. Also it is not very nice to hear two players persistently bickering with one another then leading into a full blown argument!

As you know what I write here is my thoughts and not all will agree with me we all have different points of views and opinions. At the end of the day Welton Rovers got the points thanks to the Welton Rovers keeper making several great saves!

Well done on another great result it is so much more positive than the last couple of seasons and this has to go down in part to Tom and Will who are backed by the club officials and of course the players. Last seasons players newly found positivity stands out, and the new guys that have a positive attitude for the club.

Thats my ramble finished and the photos can be viewed HERE