Windy day at West Clewes

It was the last game of the season for Welton Rovers today who welcomed Bishop Sutton, and the wind! To be honest not a very good game today after two good results Welton Rovers couldn't cope with the wind and never used it to their advantage in the first half when it was at their backs, in fact it took them around 60 minutes to realise it was a day for passing football.

Bishop Sutton came out in the second half and used the wind to their advantage with both of their goals coming with a great big chunk of assistance from the wind, I have to say I didn't understand the substitutions today but it's the managers decision.

Talking of the Manager I think we should thank Nick and his team for stepping into the breach when asked. Welton Rovers have a new manager next season and sadly its not Nick Beaverstock, I can't say what the new guys name is but lets give him chance to see what he can do and hope he can get some good results from the start.

Have a good summer everyone, and photos from todays game can be viewed HERE Enjoy!

Chris Taking the Ball down in the first half

Sev's Attacking Bishops goal