What a Night !! Late September......

It was the first evening game under the lights at West Clewes and the weather was not kind with plenty of rain to ensure we remember what football can be like and with social distancing its not easy to get out of the rain, that reminds me I must put an umbrella in the car and a rain coat for the camera.

On to the football It was a very shaky start and made the green army a bit nervous I would imagine but after Welton Rovers penalty the nerves settled and Welton Rovers started to play football and passing football at that. For me it was the best game for a couple of the new players I just hope they keep it up, they are beginning to play as a team but there is still an issue or two but that will fall into place over time.

The starting line up was a lot better for me and it was a good choice by the manager there may be a slight lack of trust in their team but again this will come with time, sadly I thought one substitution was a mistake as it really showed for the remainder of the game.

Over all it was a great game and Welton Rovers deserved the win it was also nice to see a striker in place who can score a couple of goals some may say they were poachers goals but thats a strikers job.

Photos from the game can be viewed HERE however there are only a few as the weather was so bad and it was very dark for photography.