Welton Rovers Win!!!

Welton Rovers got a win they beat Devizes 2-1 at West Clewes but is that the whole story? It was a better performance all round this week because they played passing football from the back, and I have to say the centre backs did really well given that they aren't usually together. Most of the team did step up, which was great to see and it was also nice to see players believing in themselves and having a shot at goal, as I have always said if you don't shoot you aren't going to score,so keep it up!!!

If I was the manager I would have my concerns about the team spirt as it still seams to be down as when they scored there didn't seem to be very much excitement and given that they haven't won for a while I would have hoped for more. In my opinion I feel that there are still some weak links in the side as to many times Devizes were aloud to have free headers as there was no challenge and sadly it was always the same players allowing this to happen. They just need to up their game a little. Although I have just said I like to see players have a go it is so frustrating for fellow players when a player decides to go for goal when there is an obviously better option.

But over all well done! I think most of the Green Army would have been happy with the result this week, roll on next week and keep up the good work and the passing football it will be a good time to start playing better and winning with that local derby just around the corner.

Images from this week can be viewed HERE