Welton Rovers Drop to 3rd alphabetically with a game in Hand

So I went to Lebeq V Welton Rovers today and it was one of those games that you wish you had gone somewhere else, but why?

Well we were treated to a very poor display from the officials the worst I can remember and a very poor performance from Welton Rovers. Lebeq turned up with every intention of winning today and were very physical, they did play some good football at times. As for Welton Rovers they didn't have a lot to offer today and I have heard excuses like we haven't played for some 35 days and its a 4g pitch, I don't like 4g pitches and I don't think they should be allowed in the league. Personally I think it all looked wrong for Welton Rovers from before kick off with the wrong line up followed by questionable substitutions and lack of ideas from the players.

Lebeq celebrate their first goal

Welton Rovers could have been 2 up in the first ten minutes if players chose to pass across the box rather go for glory from a wide angle! Lebeq then took the upper hand. Welton Rovers did have a couple disallowed, a bit unlucky may be, but they should have done a lot more as they are much better than that. Good players were getting beaten in the centre of the pitch where they would do very well on any other day, it got a bit ugly at times and at least one substitution should have been made at half time, and when they were made they were wrong for me. Its great to see good players returning but give them a chance to get match fit before giving them 90 minutes, it could have been a lot worse but Lebeq didn't have it in them and got into a lot of time wasting to which the ref did nothing about. I feel that Welton Rovers need to go back to the team and shape they were up until September and play passing football, rather than lobbing long balls over the top which then cuts out the midfield players totally as this style of football does not work for them!

Arguments in the Dugouts

I never expected this game to finish with all 22 players still on the pitch, but through poor refereeing it did, both sides should have lost at least one player and possibly even a coach each but the ref was very leaneant in my mind. The Ref also spent far to long trying to explain himself rather than making a decision and getting on with the game, a couple of things also I didn't understand was why did the ref and assistant allow coaches from Lebeq to delay their departure from the pitch several times at the break, surely he should have done something about it!

Assistant Referee getting involved with the crowd

So up next on Wednesday 26th January is the coalfield Classico at last, due to the Boxing Day cancellation thanks to covid. Am I worried for Welton Rovers damn right I am, kick off 7:30pm at Radstock come along if your nerves can take it!!!

Images of the game can be viewed by clicking the button below.