Strange old game is football

So today Welton Rovers welcomed Lebeq FC to west Clewes for their penultimate game of the season excluding the play-offs that Welton Rovers are going to be involved in. Spot on 3pm the game was underway but everything was rather slow from the start and to be honest never really got going. Welton Rovers had a few chances but the Lebeq keeper made a couple of good saves including a great one turning the ball around the post, but there was a goal coming for Welton Rovers it was just a matter of time. Lebeqs keeper some how kept a free kick out around 36 mins in, Welton Rovers claimed it was over the line but to be honest I don't think it was and the assistant on that side was no help as he was no where near the play to be able to judge either way.

Lebeq gave Welton Rovers a bit of help by giving away a penalty and on 40 the said penalty

was well converted to make it 1 nil. I thought this might get Rovers going now but 6 minutes later they let Lebeq draw level from a corner. It was all square at half time surely the second half would get better and the ref might start acting like a ref and not making the game about him he may even let the game flow if we were really lucky. Well that didn't happen but Welton Rovers did get the lead back on 55 mins and a third on 77 min from a well worked short corner. It got very scrappy which was not helped by the Ref's attitude, on 78 minutes Welton Rovers made their final substitution and on came their manger for the final 10 minutes it has been a while since we last saw him on the pitch but he did touch the ball a few times. On 88 mins Rovers went down to 10 following two yellow cards even if the second yellow seemed to be more from Lebeqs input to the ref that made his decision, the game finished 3-1 to Welton Rovers.

I moan about the ref a bit as he wasn't the best and seemed to let players get away with crowding him and with lots of pushing and shoving. I found Lebeq very argumentative, which wasn't pretty to watch. What I did find a little strange was the assistant manager from Welton Rovers getting booked and the Lebeq bench never even got spoken too, yes I know Rovers assistant can go on a bit, but to be honest they were all as bad as one another today. It was a typical end of the season game today but Welton Rovers still have a bit to do before they finish as their last game is home against Almondsbury and then they have the playoffs.

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