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So here we are again after another night of football Welton Rovers style what to say really I took some photos 956 to be precise, and watched a rather frustrating game unfold, with Welton Rovers going a shock 2 goals down very quickly as Longwell Green started quicker. Although they took the lead Im not sure if they were deserving of it, although

Welton Rovers did look a bit disjointed from the start really.

I don't understand why the captain was at centre back tonight although he can play in this position as he is such a good player its not his best position, he did seem to end up covering the defence. As I have said before some players need to believe more in themselves and their ability and follow the managers instructions.

As for the starting line up I think the change in the team affected Welton Rovers performance and the sending off early on for the player on his debut game was not the best start, and threw Welton Rovers for a while as they had to restructure and settle back into the game. Some players showed continuing improvement from previous games which is great to see. It was good to see Welton Rovers familiar left back start tonight who I thought had a good game.

The normal stand out players performed well again tonight and showed that if you don't stop or change your game other than putting that extra little bit of effort in and if you have the determination and spirit you can get what you deserve and Welton Rovers did just that. My usual gripe about set plays being wasted unfortunately occurred again tonight and like I keep saying if things are not happening then perhaps something different needs to happen as showed tonight with the comeback starting from someone we all know from past experience is capable of delivering good set pieces delivering a perfect ball for Courtney Charles to volley home 70 minutes into the game! (yes I know he's my son but I am his biggest critic!) The goal was pure perfection well done! The come back was completed by that substitute with another cracking goal.

Overall Welton Rovers deserved the draw and it would have been unjust if they didn't get it but thanks mostly to the players that carried on pressing and playing with true grit, Welton Rovers got it and took a well deserved point from the night. Very well done to Welton Rovers.

Welton Rovers will however need to up their game again for Saturday when they welcome Elburton Villa FC to West Clewes for the next round of the FA Vase kick Off 3pm.

Photos of the night can be viewed HERE

Goal Scorers Courtney Charles

Lewis Coleman

Man of the Match unknown (although there were a few stand out players for me)