Saturday Day of 2 halves

So yesterday was a long day, the morning was spent at a Meet and Greet Coffee morning raising money for Guide Dogs and promoting photography for visual Impaired people and of course Blind Veterans Uk. I put a few small images from my exhibition out along with the poster advertising it, although I did spend a lot of time promoting Guide Dogs I also spent a lot of time on Blind Veterans UK including a while talking to a doctor from the local hospital and its very surprising how much they don't now about a charity like Blind Veterans UK so I'm hoping he will now pass the information on to his colleagues so they will encourage people with visual problems and military history to look into Blind Veterans UK.

Echo did her bit getting lots of fuss all morning and enjoyed every minute of it. I don't know how much we raised yet but in the three and a half hour event it was very busy. Out of the two charities that support myself, Guide Dogs are the most recognised which is understandable so when I talk about Echo I will always try to mention Blind veterans UK because without them I would not be here to have a guide dog.

Echo my guide dog with my small stand at the fair

So the second half of the day I was back to my usual Saturday afternoon activity covering sports photography. Today Welton Rovers hosted Wincanton Town at West Clewes and to be honest I never like to see games postponed but this week it would have been helpful. I wrapped myself up as warm as I could with three layers and positioned myself in my usual spot and boy was it cold, the rain was like icicles hitting me in the face, I don't usually wear water proof trousers but yesterday I found my old fishing trousers and put them on.(well when I say put them on I forced them on as it appears I have grown since i had to give up fishing). So was it worth it I hear you ask, lets just say it wasn't the best game with Welton appearing to be short on players Wincanton Town took the lead in the first half and eventually after going 3 up Welton decided to show a bit of spirit in the last third of the game grabbing 2 and at the whistle it finished 3-2 to Wincanton Town.

In my opinion Welton don't seem to have any spirit anymore its like a lot of the players are just going through the motions and have lost confidence in their own abilities this is very sad as a while back when the passion was there they were winning games and were starting to get something together, but the loss of a player or two changes that, I think there is somthing very wrong at the club which needs to be addressed and its Christmas now and the second half of the season is on its way and they need to start winning again.

anyway just a few images of the Game can be viewed HERE

Welton forward attacking the Wincanton Goal