Resilient Rovers get the Win

Tonight was back to the football with a trip to Warminster Town who welcomed Welton Rovers to the Weymouth Street ground. This is going to read a lot different, than if I had written it 60 minutes into the game, where things weren't going well for Welton Rovers. I was a bit concerned about how this would play out tonight as I was expecting Warminster to make Welton Rovers work if they were to take something away from the game. it was a very scrappy game but it was a good game for the neutral spectator.

To be honest the first half was a bit frustrating for both sides with no sides dominating although if you read the tweets both teams were on top. At the break the game was a rather limp draw although Welton Rovers should have had a spot kick, but the referee who seemed to be making a few to many incorrect decisions for me decided to give the free kick to the keeper deeming that the Welton Rovers player had infringed the keeper, I thought it was a stone wall pen from where I was stood and as you know my vision isn't great so how the ref got that wrong is beyond me, but he was the man in charge although he was being assessed not that the assessor would say anything!

The second half wasn't much better with Warminster opening the scoring with a poorly defended goal. Welton Rovers fought back and got a goal shortly after wards and then scored again to take the victory and remain unbeaten for the season so far.

It has been a great start for Welton Rovers faithful fans with the team on top form, but being honest there are some cracks beginning to appear, and having to change the keeper this early in the season hasn't helped! I am glad to see Welton Rovers have signed a new keeper on loan lets hope it works out for them!

View the Images from the game HERE

final score Welton Rovers win 2 goals to 1

Goal scorers Kyle Box and Joe Ellis

Next Game Saturday 18th home to Portishead Town