Rankin, Blind Veterans UK, but first West Clewes

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Today I went to West Clewes where Welton Rovers welcomed Almondsbury. After their win last week I was hoping for good things and to be honest it should have been a game to win but it was not to be. Welton Rovers were just not good enough in the last third and Welton Rovers were lucky that Almondsbury couldn't hit the target, there was some good football played by some and yes they had an injury in the warm up and a centre back from last week was injured which didn't help. I don't like to be negative but unfortunately there is still a problem with a couple of players playing for themselves and not the team, the manager needs to knock this on the head and soon, as there is NO I in team, this also goes for the arguing amongst the players, (its not nice to hear) get behind one another, one other thing if you loose the ball in a forward position dont just stop, put your hand on your knees and swear whilst letting someone else do the work, make an effort to get the ball back its basic football. Let's hope next week Welton Rovers can go back to passing football and get something out off next weeks game.

Images can be viewed HERE

Tomorrow I am off to Blind Veterans UK Brighton where I am photographing Technology week, it should be good with lots of tech stuff and a bit of virtual reality thrown in as well. Virtual reality is the way forward for visually impaired people and Blind Veterans UK are working hard with it and with the Oculus Quest, which I can't wait to have a play with again.

I will be having a day away from Brighton and travelling to London as I have been asked by RNIB to photograph what's going on in the background of a campaign photoshoot by one of the best portrait photographers out there by the name of Rankin! Given that I am visually impaired this is a great chance to show what I can do and I am really honoured to have the opportunity to meet and shadow Rankin.