Rain, Goals, Smiles and More Rain

What can you say about a game like that? I suppose the first thing you say is WELL DONE you worked hard well 99% of you did and got a well dissevered win against a side that never really got there but thats not your problem. We all have to be honest the ref didn't help their cause, but you have to take the luck when you get it and Welton Rovers did just that. Was it 2 straight reds Im not so sure the first straight red was needed, but again Welton Rovers haven't had a lot of luck over the last couple of years so its about time and they played as if they were playing a full side not letting the sendings off change their game plan this was fantastic to see.

A word about my usual gripes one of the players I usually moan about did a little better today as he did get his head up on occasions and went for the easier option when it was there, which is great for the team and him well done keep it up, as for the other one sorry but no change there he was still behind the rest by a long way and to be honest I just do not see him as a starting player, It was very nice to see a proper left back get on the pitch and he played very well considering he has not played for a while making the team a full 100%. The return of the manager in the back four was good and he battled hard too as he always does, mind you I am not sure what I think about player managers.

What I really am liking this year so far is the spirit amongst the players and that air of confidence that has just not been there over the last couple of seasons and you are all celebrating together as a team absolutely wonderful keep it up roll on Tuesday.

Any way some very dodgy images from the game are HERE goal cam was a little bit off today and the others are not that great it was a difficult day for photography even if I had good eyes!

New from this week Goal Scorers

Matt Curnock

Dawid Regula 2(P)

Kyle Box

Cortney Charles

Chris Pile

Man of the Match Chris Pile