Rain, goals and keeper mistakes

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

So what a day at Welton Rovers who played Warminster Town today. I had already made my mind up that this may be a small test as Warminster used to be one of the better teams, but was I right to think this well they honestly didn't show it, I would normally say I felt sorry for their keeper but in my opinion I think he made a few mistakes but I wouldn't like to take anything away from Welton Rovers as they deserved the win even though it wasn't pretty at times.

The first half was very hard to judge but Welton Rovers got a free kick just outside the box, the taker used his head and saw that the Keeper was totally in the wrong place and calmly put the ball around the wall and out of reach of the well beaten keeper. I heard people say the keeper helped with that goal and yes he did, but remember the Welton Rovers player still had to get it right and he did!

Second half I found to be a bit scary for the Green Army with Welton Rovers letting Warminster through at times, although Welton Rovers kept fighting. I said to a spectator around 30 minutes in that Welton Rovers needed something to get back on top, and up it popped, with a well known Welton Rovers player beating his man well into his own half and continuing his run, beating the Warminster defence and scoring in the bottom right! That was it for Warminster as a short while after the Warminster keeper went on a little walk about and got it all wrong to allow the Welton Rovers striker to calmly go round him and put the ball into an empty net to make the final score 3-0. A well deserved win again for Welton Rovers who are away to Bridgewater next week in the first round proper of the FA Vase which will be a different game but I honestly believe they could win it.

With regards to taking photos at Welton Rovers I think I may have to change my position on the pitch as they seem to be doing everything at the opposite end to me and I don't change ends at half time so I take my chance as I like to get all parts of the game and the opponents. There was one goal that did happen to be scored at my end to day but I didn't get the players celebration as he turned is back on me, it just goes to show that luck has to be on your side to get things to fall in place, as it was I changed sides today as the week before when they scored they all went that way towards the fans! Still thats the joys of being a sport photographer you never know I might get it all one day!!!

Photos can be viewed HERE

Goal Scorers

Kyle Box

Chris Pile

Courtney Charles

Man of the Match Joe Ellis

A little bit of self indulgence a video of Christopher Pile scoring the second goal

The other Two goals below watch the warminster Left back beat his keeper