Pod cast, Mud, Rain and Disappointment.

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

After reading the interview piece in the journal about the Welton Rovers manager, Im not really sure what I thought about it as I would have liked to hear a bit more positivity in there. I was kind of concerned about his comment where he stated that he wasn't sure that he wanted to be back involved with football just before he got the Welton Rovers job. He says that the players are yet to gel, I do hope this happens in the second half of the season for the players sake and Welton Rovers.

Today Welton Rovers welcomed Hengrove to West Clewes the last game before the Boxing Day coalfield Classico. This was a game Welton Rovers needed to win really as Hengrove have two games in hand and are only six points behind Rovers at the start of the day. Being honest Welton Rovers could have and should have won the game but sadly it was the same old story too many long balls and the ball being given away far to many times by the same players. These players should know by now they need to improve and the manager has to be able to see it as well as the fans can. For me Welton Rovers play far better football when they play passing football involving several players rather than lobbing the long balls straight over the top as most of the Welton players are quite small. There was also to much arguing between the players and that isn't nice to hear! Team spirit just doesn't seem to be there, the players need to start playing for one another and start enjoying their football again. They are good enough we all know that!

Welton Rovers are off to Radstock on Boxing Day for the annual Coalfield Classico, kick off is 1pm so come along and join in the fun.

A few photos from todays game can be viewed HERE

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!