Photographers print or not to print that is the question?

Updated: May 10, 2020

So do we print our images? Some would say yes, some would say some times and others would say they never print their images.

I print as many as I can, to me it just seems more like a picture when you are holding it your hand (alright for me I can't see it as well as I can on the monitor) so what's the point? well for one reason, when people ask to view some of my photos I can show them the best of the photos I have taken without scrolling through loads of images and you can't put an electronic image on the wall but a print can look really great and to be honest I have sold more prints than electronic images.

I know you are saying prints don't come out the same as on the screen unless you get involved in the mine field that is colour management! although I use colour management I believe that you can get pretty damn close without it, on todays printers with a bit of effort along with a profile for the paper and remember you have a back light on your monitor so the image will be brighter on the screen than print.

To profile my screen I use and have done for many years a datacolor Spyder however recently I have found that there is a purple/blue cast after profiling due to my iMac having a DCI-P3 gamut, so If I was to get a new one I would be looking at the new Datacolor SpyderX as I have been assured by Datacolor that i would not have to make any adjustments after calibration, this would be vey helpful as being visually impaired makes it difficult to judge colour. There is also the X-Rite i1 Display PRO, but at the moment I have to adjust for the colour cast. I use an epson R3000 with Fotospeed ink flow system which is brilliant and a great money saver over the cost of epson inks. My ambition is to get an A2 printer so I have a few more print size options, at the current time this would be an Epson SC-P800.

To the most part I use Fotospeed papers as I have had very good results over the years and if things go wrong they are always there to help. Fotospeed also offer generic paper profiles for all the papers but even better than that if you are using their paper you can get a free paper profile made up and they can even print the test chart for you for a small charge, but to do it yourself isn't that hard as they supply a piece of software and profiling pack to help get it right with full instructions.

Papers that I currently use are PF Gloss 270, PF Lustre 275 in several sizes, also in square and panorama. Also a great paper for black and white is Platinum Baryta 300 Signature Paper. I have also tried Smooth Cotton 300 and As I don't usually like a matt Finnish I am very pleased with the result Smooth Cotton 300 has a much better look than basic Matt paper and I can't wait to see what it looks like behind glass, so I think this will be a future purchase although these papers are not the cheapest but if you are getting prints right first time you save in other ways. I just need to get some A4 sheets to get some profiles made so I think its time for some test packs, that's one thing that would be nice if Fotospeed included a couple of sheets of A4 in their larger paper sizes so you don't have to waste a large sheet getting a profile sheet printed.

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