Out classed but never gave up!!!!!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

So it was the FA vase first round proper for Welton Rovers away to premiership side Bridgewater Town FC it was always going to be a big ask, but in the end Welton Rovers were out classed to day as Bridgewater Town played a very good professional game and deserved the win.

That said I could sit here and critique the Welton Rovers players but to be honest there just isn't any point. I personally think Welton Rovers kept playing their football the best they could and yes some players could have done better and some did really well but this was a one off game and Welton Rovers have done well until now, the FA Vase is over for this year so now they just have to concentrate on the league and continue to win games. I believe Welton Rovers can get one more game in on Tuesday night before lockdown kicks in then sadly we are all having a month off!

Lets hope this new lock down helps to stop the growth of the virus and we can be back to football in a months time, I just think there is no point in complaining we just need to do our bit as its not a very nice virus to catch.

The Joys of being a photographer I was asked 10 minutes before kick off if I would be able to get some images to the non league paper by 18:30 and I knew I wouldn't get home until ten past six so that would give me twenty minutes to find suitable images out of around 1500 off two cameras just a little bit of pressure then! I managed to get them done and away in plenty of time (Gareth what a rush that was), just a shame there were not many images of Welton Rovers going in, I personally think the Bridgwater Hat trick hero will be the one they use. Good luck to Bridgewater in the next Round

Images can be viewed HERE

I made the Non League Paper !!