Lighting up the night, a Cup Victory and a should have stayed in the changing Room

Last Monday evening it was Midsomer Nortons' Carnival and for once the weather was dry. I got there nice and early to get my spot, it was kind of strange that the roads didn't all have the usual barriers, which I thought may have been a problem for me as I thought people would be in the road, but the extra stewards kept them back. So the procession started with the usual carriage carrying the Prince and Princess' several majorettes and dancing groups followed by the floats. I didn't think there was as many floats as last year, but the ones that were there were of a very good standard. A selection of my photos can be viewed HERE

Tuesday 12th November I went to Cabot Circus in Bristol for Purple Tuesday. Purple Tuesday is about creating a step change improvement in the awareness of the value and needs of disabled customers. It is about making the customer experience accessible. Participating organisations will make public commitments to ensure sustainable changes are made. For organisations, this will result in the opening up of products and services to the disability market. I was there with fellow Guide dog reprasentatives and was quite disappointed as many of the shops we approached were not aware of the campaign. However we raised some money for Guide Dogs and even had a photo opportunity with The Project Manager from DIY SOS' Mark Millar, Image below.

The evening of Tuesday 12th November I spent at West Clewes for a cup game between Welton Rovers and southern league side Larkhall Athletic. I wasn't holding out much hope for Welton Rovers especially when Larkhall took the lead, Welton Rovers pushed but couldn't get in, then a substitution up front brought a couple of players to life which produced a couple of good chances including hitting the post, but then sadly the manager changed the team layout which then gave The Larkhall players control again and several great chances but luckily for Welton they could't find the net. It wasn't until the last minute of injury time that a great corner from a Welton Rovers player was put in that connected to a waiting head for a fantastic goal. As the game finished a draw it meant that they then went straight to penalties. Im not sure how many were taken but I think Welton Rovers won 8-7.

So well done to Welton Rovers Rovers who move into the next round! Yeovil at Huish Park would be nice! One thing I will say team spirit in the Welton Rovers side isn't looking too good this showed when the game had finished with no celebrations after winning a cup game on penalties.

Images are available HERE

Finally it was back to West Clewes today where Welton Rovers welcomed high flying Longwell Green Sports, it was a tough game for the home side today and also a cold one!

The performance from Welton Rovers was disappointing and the referee didn't help and one of his assistants (club Side) couldn't seem to keep up with play so he just seemed to flag every thing off side. Longwell Green took control early on and stayed in charge through out. I don't really know what happened with Welton Rovers today, it was just a case of hit and see while cutting out the players that you really want on the ball. What I think one of the main problem is that they are only a small side so sending the ball into the penalty area will not work, when the oppositions defence are much taller, the players just didn't seem to know what the manager wanted from them they seemed confused which is worring for a football team.

When the new manager came in I said you had to give him a chance but how long to you give him? Obviously I talk to players and fans and everyone has different opinions but to be honest I'm not sure that the player/manager relationship is what it should be.The manager needs to get a grip now, its all well and good to have plans for the future but you need to deal with the here and now, with the players you have, harsh some may say but its just my thoughts.

Anyway Images from the game can be viewed HERE sorry not many but there wasn't a lot to photograph!