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Kelsey saves a lucky Welton Rovers

So I went to Hengrove today to see if Welton Rovers could beat them with a more convincing performance than recent games, that was wish full thinking, but first I would like to mention the Welton Rovers striker that sadly got stretchered off late on today with an injured knee I hope he makes a quick recovery.

So the first half was about as bad as it could get for Welton Rovers with Hengrove taking them on with some quality football but not getting many clear chances while Welton Rovers had some chances the shots were more like back passes. Hengrove kept trying for the first half but at the whistle there was no score.

So on to the second half and Welton Rovers were playing slightly better but the back 4 were still smashing the ball forward missing out the midfield and most of the time the strikers as well, but getting a few half chances while Hengrove kept pushing on, The first substitution for Welton Rovers was basically a like for like and wasn't needed really so on the game went with no excitement the second substitution for Welton Rovers a fast midfielder off for a striker that was a great target for the wide men, I suppose it was rearranging the team to 4-3-3, what Rovers really needed was more pace to deliver quality balls into the box, the third sub was the best one with the wide player from Tuesday that played well, he continued where he left off and grabbed a good goal. Welton Rovers went down to 10 men due to injury and no more subs. Late on Rovers gave Hengrove a chance to take something by giving away a penalty so it was down to the young Rovers keeper who pulled off a great save down to his right and pushing the ball around the post at the whistle Welton Rovers got a very lucky and undeserved win Hengrove must have felt robbed.

So what I don't understand with Welton Rovers is there are a couple of midfield players that play week in week out and in all honesty they do work hard and some times may grab a goal but most of the time they produce nothing after working hard but they stay on the pitch. At the start of the season the Rovers team would do anything for one another and play passing football so where has it gone wrong? The dynamics have changed the passing play has gone and instead the defence are just lobbing the ball over the top and missing the midfielders and with only 5 games remaining we still don't know the best Welton Rovers team, yet at the start of the season it was plain to see but sadly some of those players have either left or are sat on the bench. The players brought in are all good players but they haven't gelled yet sadly and to be honest some are trying too hard to do it all. There appears to be no team spirit at the moment and that shows by the arguments on the pitch week in week out. No player is indispensable and if they are not performing should they be changed? Set plays are still not as good as they used to be and rarely produce anything, there are too many players loosing the ball and leaving it for someone else to win back.

In the 5 remaining games they have Radstock which is anybody's game and they also have Sherborne so something has to change and change fast although the players have to pull their weight the management have to take a big chunk of responsibility as they get players in and pick the teams, with Warminster losing today Welton Rovers are looking good to finish second and maybe top depending on other results.

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