It's been a while

So it's been a while since I have done anything in truth, I haven't taken a photo since early March due to catching this horrible virus but after 4weeks or so I am on the mend. Luckily I was only in hospital for 24 hours and that was just over 2 weeks ago and after some more treatment my cough has now stopped just the breathing and tiredness to improve but I have to say its getting there.

So what I thought I would do is go through a bit of my studio work from over the years and re visit some images I have used before and some that I haven't. I have re worked them using Capture One 20 that I bought just before the virus arrived, I have to say since using the software I am quite impressed with the way it works I still have a lot to learn but things are looking good so far and it seems to interact with photoshop well.

I have gone right back to the raw file and completely reprocessed the images from start to finish and I have to say there are distinct differences in the results from the first time I processed some of the images.

Next week I am hoping to become aquatinted with my camera again so I can start taking some new images, in the mean time Capture One 20 Have been putting several live YouTube and Facebook sessions on with great learning tips that I have been watching over the weeks so thank you to capture one for that

Here are ten images to go on with I hope you like them if you do feel free to let me know