Into the next round of the FA Vase

Welton Rovers today took on Elburton Villa in the latest round of the FA Vase and they are now in the draw for the next round after beating Elburton Villa one goal to nil. This is a great result and I think a deserved win as Elburton Villa really didn't show any sort of quality, to be honest you may have thought they played in a lower league at times. I don't think the ref was in control of the game, but Elburton Villa seemed to think they were getting the worst of his decisions, I don't think they were but it did get their management a bit hot under the collar.

On to Welton Rovers they didn't have a great game, but it was a gritty hard working performance with all the players digging in to the final whistle they deserved the win and should be proud of the result! yes it wasn't pretty at times but they got the result and thats the part that matters congratulations, lets see who you get in the next round and hope its a home game again, With one player going from a dodgy debut where he got sent off 24 minutes into the game, to man of the match today and he deserved it well done and a great effort today.

I know you are all waiting for the but and i'm glad to say there isn't one today as you all worked hard, corners were better and one of the players I have been critical of previously played really well again today and continues to build his presence in the team. As I said you all put in a great performance that deserved to make you the winners.

Can we have some more of the same on Tuesday please to keep those points going up, Just a word to manager Tom Smith and his assistant to get the team to play like this after Tuesday was great to see keep up the good work I think the crowd are now getting behind the team and believing more than they have done in the last 2 years.

Photos of the game can be viewed HERE

Goal scored by Lewis Russell

Man of the Match Jacob Watson