After yet another forced vacation at the Royal United Hospital I am now out and about again, but with an extra electronic bit better known as a pacemaker to stop my heart pausing.

Although I wasn't feeling that great I thought I would visit Welton Rovers with my camera. They welcomed Oldland Abbotonians to West Clewes however if you had ever made a wrong decision that was a big one for me, think I should have stayed at home. It all looked good with Welton Rovers playing well for the first 20 minutes and taking an early lead, But from the 21st minute and beyond it seem like a different side had came out, it all started to fall apart and sadly they gave Oldland Abbotonians a big chunk of confidence and they took it and in the second half Oldland Abbotonians came out looking the better side by far, scoring straight away and eventually taking the win.

Welton Rovers are better than this and they need to show it and believe in themselves, personally I think a couple of changes need to be made to the positioning of some players its a good line up just not got it quite right yet maybe next week.

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