Happy New Year

Updated: Jan 22

Well, we start another New Year still in a pandemic but we are a lot better off than last year so lets hope for the best, so with Welton Rovers games cancelled until the 8th January I haven't been to a game over the christmas period so today I went to the Lew Hill Memorial Ground to watch Odd down v Longwell Green.

I was hoping for a half decent game in the rain and damn did it rain, but the game itself was a rather tired game with both sides being rather poor. There wasn't a lot of excitement to mention as there wasn't many decent openings at either end, both sides playing a very weary game, may have been a hangover from christmas but to be honest both sides are better than they showed to day. Even the referee was quite poor and some of his decisions were rather questionable including over riding the assistant at times.

The only talking point really was the two bad tackles from an Odd Down player in the first half he went in with a very high foot and in my mind not in control taking the Longwell Green player out good and proper, he should have been shown a straight red then but got away with a yellow and only the ref knows why!

On to the second half and the same player does the same thing again this time the Ref speaks to his assistant who clearly indicates a high tackle as seen in the image below, so for reasons only known to him the Ref ignored this and didn't even give the player a second yellow, allowing the player to stay on the pitch.

With Odd Down going to Welton Rovers on Saturday there were a few Welton players and staff there checking out Odd Down, but personally I think Odd down will take a different attitude to West Clewes at the weekend.

Images from todays game can be viewed HERE

I will be at Welton Rovers next week for the Odd Down Game