Gould to the rescue!!!!

It was a big game at West Clewes last night with Welton Rovers taking on local rivals Odd Down. For me its a must win game for Welton Rovers after loosing at the weekend which made it two months without a win I said at the weekend a large squad can cause problems as well as helping so last night saw the arrival of yet another new player to put in the mix. I could understand if a new player has been playing great football constantly and offered something to the club but as I said until December Rovers were 16 points clear and were playing confident, balanced, passing and clinical football and to be honest they should now be out of sight but after the Almondsbury defeat there has been a big change some where and it hasn't been right since, could it be the constant change of team?

This game was a game of two halves as they say the first half Welton Rovers took advantage of the fact that Odd Down didn't seem to have turned up (so to speak) and did play some good football, but lets not get carried away it wasn't a great half by any means with a player making good his first start in a while and grabbing a goal on 12 minutes.Welton Rovers continued to pressure a very poor Odd Down and were rewarded for that with a second kindly helped in from an Odd Down player as they say you can only play what's in front of you and Welton Rovers certainly did that and went in a deserved 2 up at the break. Things were looking good for a while shame there had to be a second half!

The second half came and Odd Down had finally arrived, Welton Rovers did have some chances early on but odd Down started to play and got one back on 57 minutes and they were off and running! Rovers were still pushing but it wasn't pretty but who cares if you are winning but Odd down got a free kick a long way out on 69 minutes and I cant say how or why it ended up in the net but it did going straight through several Welton players. Welton Rovers had yet another goal disallowed, so into the last few minutes and Welton Rovers were pushing hard for a late winner and some how they got it in the net to make it 3-2 and then the final whistle blew and Welton Rovers escaped with the win!

Although not classic by any means Welton Rovers got a win for the first time since November and all the fans can hope for is this is a kick start to winning again!

Images from the game can be viewed by clicking the button below