Good Day all round!!

I was back on the side of a football pitch to photograph Welton Rovers first team v Cheddar which on paper looked to be a bad day for Welton Rovers, but it appears that the players had other Ideas. Some how the players managed to get a 4 nil win yes I did say FOUR!! The senior players amongst the team seemed as if they were talking and organising the others during the first half. so well done to you all of you I have always said that you have the ability, energy, knowledge and although not a brilliant performance you battled and got the result against a good side, so enjoy your win and go into your next game with some positivity. People will say Chedder didn't turn up or they had some players out but none of this matters as you can only play the side put in front of you.

I was told that you probably upped your game due a couple of the subs that were on the bench as you had decided they better stay on the bench! if that was the case you can have a bench like that every week of course this was only said in jest.

Was a really strange day though as even Manchester United managed to win so for me it was a good day can we have some more please!

Images from the game today can be viewed HERE