Football but not as we know It!!

Off I went to Keynsham Town yesterday for a pre season game against Welton Rovers Rovers, to be honest I had some expectations of improving football from both teams. I have to say football behind closed doors is just not the same far to quiet for me even at this level of football hopefully we will have some fans back very shortly.

The game itself was a strange affair with Welton Rovers giving Keynsham far to much respect, and Keynsham on the whole were very disappointing I was expecting a lot more, having said that they did walk away winners but only from a mistake from the Welton Rovers defence. But as suggested to me do Keynsham have players there to improve their game?

As for Welton Rovers the first half was a bit of a strange one with only a few players trying to go forward and this was from the back four, there was a lot of passing across the field and back with no real intent, the second half was much the same with a few more attacks that was nice to see. I think it would have been a draw which would have been a fair result if not for a mistake in the Welton Rovers defence, Some of the substitutions helped but to be honest its always hard for players to come on and try and change a game like that.

I did feel for Welton Rovers striker as he made several good runs through expecting the ball to be returned to him but sadly it never came, service to him was very poor players along side him need to get their heads up and just maybe they will see the run.

As many of you know I hate to see set plays being wasted and there was a fair few waisted yesterday as it was mostly just catching practise for the keeper, its no wonder some of the defenders get up set as they have just came up the full length of the pitch for nothing.

I did take some pictures yesterday and they can be viewed HERE