Dismal day at West Clewes !!!!

So I went back to West Clewes for the usual battle of the two local teams Welton Rovers v Radstock Town. This is usually a great battle but today Radstock town won by 3 nil and if everyone in the ground are honest it was a well deserved win for Radstock and thats quite hard for me to write! To be honest Welton Rovers really didn't have lot to offer, this was in total contrast to the way they were playing prior to the latest covid lock down so where did it all go wrong? The starting line up wasn't what I was expecting I thought the manager had a starting 11, I know he's been trying other players in recent friendlies but I thought he would revert back given that the friendlies haven't gone that great and this was Radstock at home the game every one wants to win especially me, how wrong was I.

As for the game nearly 300 fans went to West Clewes today to stand in the rain and wind all hoping for a result and a good game shame it never happened for the Green Army and the Welton Rovers Fans. I have to be honest I think some Welton Rovers players were either hung over, didn't want to be there or are just not good enough to be there, They just did not seem to get going. It seemed that only a hand full of players tried to get something from the game, it did change when the recent signing came on at half time, and if it hadn't been for their keeper the scoreline would have been a lot more. Some of the problems I see are players doing too much and holding onto the ball when it should clearly be passed to a team mate in a better position, giving the ball away which I have never seen happen so much and what is upsetting for the fans is when players just stop because things didn't go how they wanted it too or they lost the ball, set plays I wouldn't say were wasted just not up to scratch for the players taking them, I think there was two meaningful shots on goal for Welton Rovers in the whole game. Welton Rovers can play a lot better and are a lot better that said there is still one or two players that are not to the same standard as the others for one reason or the other and I will never understand how they make the starting 11 week in week out

This far into the season there should be a main 11 or maybe 15 I thought Welton Rovers were going to do great things this year and I really hope they can pull it round but a lot of work as a club needs to be done after today and for me I am hoping the next game will be much better for Welton Rovers.

As for Radstock they had a good game with lots of pressure and at time some good football and all 11 players working for each other.

Congratulations to Radstock Town

Photos From the game can be viewed HERE