I attended my local Remembrance events yesterday, these are events where I and many others used to parade and play last post many years ago. I knew it wouldn't be like that but I was shocked at how downhill it had appeared to have gone. At the Cenotaph in the morning where it used to be so well attended by veterans and the military alike all there seemed to be were cadet forces and the odd couple of reserves, and of course a few Standard Bearers who were the smartest of them all. I realise that numbers have dwindled over the years but to be honest I felt this was a poor representation. You even had people just hanging around in the middle of the parade area.

Then the afternoon I wish I hadn't bothered it seemed to be very disorganised, there didn't appear to be any one in charge any more, and it seemed as if it had just been thrown together with no discipline or respect for what they were in fact attending. Which was a shame as the people of Bath were still lining the streets. The march itself went off ok with a small group of veterans leading , it also had several bands, including Downside School pipe band, my guide dog Echo didn't think much of the pipes she just turned her nose up and led down and went to sleep, 93 ATC band although much smaller than in my day made a great effort but given the connection Bath have with the Military you would think they could get a military band.

There was a couple of good points in the afternoon I did see a few friends I haven't seen for many years even if I did have to ask who they were (due to my eyes), and it has already made my decision for next year in that I didn't like not being involved so I will be applying to go to The Cenotaph in London with Blind Veterans UK or any one of the centres or somewhere else with Blind Veterans UK.