Cup Disappointment!

Last night saw Welton Rovers host Bath City for a place in the third round of the Somerset Premier Cup, I have to say Welton Rovers put a 100% effort in and the 1-3 defeat doesn't show the truth in what happened a fairer result would have been 1-2 or even 2-2 at full time and then on to penalties, I just think Bath City's fitness gave them that little bit of edge at the dying end of the game it was a shame as Welton Rovers could have got the win they just needed to take the chances when they had them.

Some one said to me last night they aren't very good at night photography I think for me given my eye sight this is the hardest thing to do, I think we all expect to much from evening games under lights we have to remember we have to work with high ISO to keep the shutter speed up to stop the blur which adds loads of noise so don't expect brilliant photos and only photograph play within a close range to suit your Lens.

Anyway you can see the images HERE

Chris Pile showing Bath City he still has the pace to take on the young ones

Young under 18's showing he can hold his own