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Christmas Monopoly and Boxing Day Derby

So After a very nice Christmas day shared with my youngest son and his wife Lucy along with Trudy's Uncle, although I over cooked the Turkey a little bit lunch was fine and it was all going well until someone mentioned board games 'Ben' which usually would be fine but Trudys Uncle is a little more serious than us, well when I say a little I mean a lot especially in Monopoly and guess what we had to play Monopoly as Lucy had never played it before so we started with Gord buying everything he could as per usual which can make the game go on for hours but it was ok after about an hour and half in Trudy and I decided it was time to end so we very sucessfully worked together to do this and Bankrupted Gord, job done game over Lucy won as she had the most money and property after two or so hours.

On to Boxing Day and it was time for my eldest Son's football team to take on local rivals Radstock Town, we never expected the game to be on but the pitch just made it so we all headed to West Clewes for the game me with camera in hand, the game it self was not bad but it turned out to be a game of missed chances with Welton missing a fair few in both halves. Radstock took the lead with a goal assisted by Welton early in the second half and it stayed that way and there was only one bit of handbag throwing in the whole game which was good and the way it should be played there was a very large crowd well over 300 which was great but I did miss my mug of tea at half time.

After the game it was straight back to my house for a late dinner with more family turning up, we had around 12 people which was great except for my poor old Lab who seems to be getting worse when it it is busy and his dislike for Crackers and corks being popped has most definitely got a lot worse, so I may be having a change next year, but it was still a good day over all.

Game images can be viewed HERE

Welton Rovers Captain Joe Garland clears yet another attack from Radstock Town

Radstock Town showing their delight after grabbing a goal

Welton Rovers Midfielder Chris Pile going close

More images HERE

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