Cards, Handbags and goals

The season has finally started and for a change I travelled to Portishead Town to watch the opener for Welton Rovers but was it worth it?

To the most part yes, most players put in a good shift not letting Portishead Play their game, so thats the praise part done with, moving on to a few issues that were on show yesterday. In my view there are still players not good enough to be on the pitch with the rest the reason I say this is that they just don't put the effort in or listen to what they are being told you have to play for your mates and support where needed not stand and watch. Some players are still playing like they are better just because they played for some other good team in the past, the facts are you have been let go and are now playing for Welton Rovers.

I thought the new manager had a good game plan overall along with his assistant although some players need to listen and act on what they are being told and not do their own thing, one issue I was quite disappointed with was having a good team player on the bench for 70 minutes while you have issues on the pitch that could have been addressed early in the game.

Hand bags yes the referee was very inconsistent, which caused frustration amongst the players and in my opinion It should have been at least one red card, i'm just disappointed that I haven't got a picture of it, there could have also been red cards for decent that would have fallen Welton Rovers way .To be honest all the running to join in isn't nice to see, I know tempers get fired up and all that, but running fifty or sixty yards is just not acceptable all thats going to happen is you are going to get booked or worse and you don't need to be accumulating bookings for something like this it not only looks bad on you but it also reflects on the club.

Overall a great opening result and I look forward to next week keep up the good work lets keep on the winning side!

Images from the game can be viewed by clicking HERE