Back to Football

Last weekend I photographed the 6 a side Bath Arsenal football tournament which I haven't done since my youngest played for them many moons ago! I have to say I really enjoyed it too. There were some great teams on show and some great football played considering the intense heat especially on Saturday, how the boys and girls managed to play so many games is beyond me. The age range was from under 8s to under 18s and a girls group.

There was a lot of girls playing in boys sides as well which was great and some of them showed the boys a thing or too, there was also 2 girls teams that played in the boys under 11 group and did very well.

One thing I did notice there was a lot playing with glasses which was really great to see as I remember being told take my glasses off or don't play, its just great how things have progressed to make this possible and for the better I must add!

On Tuesday it was back to big boys football with a pre season game between Frys and Welton Rovers and expectations were quite high given what has been said about new players and training performances. Welton Rovers did have a big defeat the Saturday before at Street but they were a premier side.

This time they were playing a lower level team so on paper there should be a satisfying result by the end of the night. I did take some photos which you can view HERE .

Im not going to say too much about the game other than Welton Rovers managed to loose 1-0. I will say however that Welton Rovers had an awful lot of possession but did nothing with it, the Fry's keeper really didn't have a lot of work to do due to some poor decision making on occasions. I think the manager still has a long way to go before he gets a team playing together let alone a starting 11. It was nice to see some of the old faces back on the pitch and working hard and also a couple of new players that showed some promise. I hope the Clevedon game goes a lot better for him and his players unfortunately I can't travel today.