At the Match

I can't say too much about the game today as I only managed half of it due to not feeling well, what I did see wasn't bad Welton Rovers just need to take their chances when they get them. I did hear a comment aimed at Welton Rovers players from some Cheddar fans last week "if they were to shoot they could have scored 3 in the first half"

Still Welton Rovers are looking a lot better than they did 6 weeks or so ago, so keep up the good work and well done Nick Beaverstock and team.

Any way photos can be viewed HERE not to many today due to my short day.

I would just like to tell every one that I cant see someone waving at me so please talk to me otherwise it might seem that I am ignoring you. If you don't want to miss when the photos become available please sign up to my web site and you will be notified by email that I have uploaded them. This would be the only notification you would receive from my site.

What is the ref up to??? Answers on a postcard please!!