Shooting at Rankin Studio

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

So Tuesday 10th I did some volunteer work for the RNIB at a special place for me, at a studio owned by the one and only Rankin and what a studio it was, as a photographer I can only dream of something like it.

The day started really well I took a few shots in make up and they looked really good, whilst we were stood around talking and waiting for things to get started then suddenly there was a bang and everyone took a gasp as my camera ended up on the floor as my strap failed and I have to say time stopped!!! After picking my camera up and releasing it was still working Rankin arrived and I was lucky enough to have a chat with him about Photography and blindness then off he went into his flow. I have to say he made it all look so easy and it seemed to take no time at all and it was all over. However I did get to have a go on Rankin's camera which was a Hasselblad it was only very quick but what a camera! (I don't think I will ever own one but I can dream). The photos below were taken by myself with the Hasselblad with Rankin operating the blower for the hair.

It was an amazing opportunity and thanks to RNIB for inviting me and of course Rankin and his staff for making me feel so welcome.

After this experience I am considering switching from photoshop to Capture pro as it seemed to make things run so smoothly and after speaking with some of Rankin's staff it seems it might be worth it, I have dabbled with it before but never persevered, but I think it might be the time to visit the Capture one web site.