A Mad Mad World

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

In this mad world we are living in where history is being wiped out by mindless thugs and our monuments to the past are being pulled down or removed for their own safety what are the poor pigeons todo with nowhere to sit! On a serious note you can not rewrite or change our history by doing this but what you can do is ensure it never happens again. Its sad that crowds are now going out to protect statues to help the police so just remember if you start throwing stones you are no longer a protester that cares you are just a mindless thug.

Photography I am now facilitating a Thursday informal chat online with fellow members of Blind Veterans UK which is quite a bit of fun we had a speaker this week which proved very interesting.

I have just started to take a few more photos nothing special as I still have a few breathing issues so I can't go to far so I have been looking at an Image that I took in October of 2016 near Llandudno north Wales, I never really published this photo as I wasn't sure if I liked it I did mess around with it in photoshop on and off but was never happy.

So I opened it in Capture One and totally rethought the image and what I wanted out of it and decided to only use capture one and not put some photoshop touches in it. So started with basic adjustments on exposure, contrast etc. As you have the joy of adding layers to the raw image in capture One I made a few minor selective adjustments until I came up with the image, I then got my wife's eyes to have a look and then made the correction indicated by a pair of eyes that can see a lot more than mine so below you have the starting image and below that you have the finished image.