A bit of a Rant about the BBC !!!

Updated: May 22, 2020

I have always watched BBC News and used to enjoy the likes of Laura Kuenssberg and Hugh Pym but since the start of the Corona Virus pandemic both them and the BBC News is driving me mad, repeating the same questions over and over again. Even the most un educated person knows this is world wide and the whole world needs the same equipment! so it is is going to be difficult to get some equipment, the BBC main objective is to hold someone responsible for this pandemic here's a clue you won't find that in the UK. I have never ever been or ever will be a conservative but being honest I think they have done really well given they really didn't know what they were dealing with the virus. So please BBC stop looking for the bad points and give the country something to look forward too.

Boris worked himself into the ground for this country along with many other front line and critical workers so the whole country should be thankful for their sacrifice, when the country has a minute silence the BBC do not have the right to keep talking over the top of it as it means you at the BBC as well. I have had the virus and I would not wish it on anyone and it is very sad that carers, doctors and nurses have had to die but they would be the first to say I Was just doing my job to the best I could and they were happy to do it and would do it again remember them all so please BBC stop looking for things to slag people of for and stop asking for the exit plan it will get here when it does you can't rush these things and I would rather take things slow and be sure.

One thing I would say to Boris don't be bullied into breaking the lock down early because Life is the most important thing after all and nothing else really matters in the great scheme of things.

Ok rant over, I have been looking at my photos from past studio shoots and I found an image that is probably one of the very first images I ever took in the studio of a young lady Called Tammy who is not a model, I looked at the image I put out in 2011 and to be honest I didn't think it was that great so I found the raw image so I could reprocess the image to see what I would do differently now. Based on the fact that I am now using a new Raw processing software, this is the first big change as when I first did it I was using Lightroom but today I am using Capture 1 in congestion with Photoshop so right from the start I can get better results with the first stage of post processing and given that Capture one lets you use layers during the raw conversion process it makes things easier to change things for the better.

Below is both versions the top was 2011 and on the bottom 2020. feel free to share your thoughts.