AF MicroAdjust Lens calibration

What is it and How to do It ?

First thing I want to say is please do not confuse the with Back Button Focusing there are two totally different items

So what is AF MicroAdjust lens calibration? sometimes lens and camera combinations will not focus on the spot you are expecting it to, you camera will focus just behind or in front of the point you were expecting it to, this is called front or back focusing.

example you focus on the eyes but they are blurry however the back of the head is Sharp

What can you do to correct this?  on some cameras you now have a function called AF Micro Adjust.

You will also need a target like the brilliant Spyder Lenscal made by DataColor I will get on myself one day

This is the best target I have seen and the instruction below are from the  Data Colour Spyder Lenscal

There are other option available just google lens calibration for ways to make one remember not all cameras have this function

I am going to make a video of me doing a calibration just as soon as I sort out my target